3 Bookish Things Book Tag.

Hello friends and welcome back to the comforts of my haunted library!

It’s a cold and snowy day outside. I’m feeling a little under the weather and decided to do a Book Tag for today’s post. I love doing book tags, they’re so much fun and require little thinking effort for my sick brain today.

Once again, a huge thanks to ZeeZeeWithBooks for this book tag!

Without further ado, get cozy, get your coffee or hot bevvy of choice, and get lit with me as we dive in to the 3 Bookish Things book tag!


Grady Hendrix
Victoria Lee
Brian K. Vaughan


The Witcher Series
The Hating Game


Nikolai Lantsov, not that this was a surprise.
Nell Crain, The Haunting of Hill House.
Prosper, The Thief Lord.
Played by Aaron Taylor Johnson in the film adaptation.


Shadow and Bone
Seriously this is my favourite show and I am going to get everyone to watch it.
*I know this is an ongoing series but I’ve read all of what’s currently published.


  1. Negative reviews are just as important as positive ones and we shouldn’t be afraid to post negative reviews. I believe all critiques, both positive and negative, are important in personal growth. Just be mindful about it.
  2. I think books centered around Fae are overrated and overdone.
  3. Men should stop writing erotica. [ I’m not sexist. I just think that women write erotica much better than men do. ]


All Our Hidden Gifts
Price Guide to the Occult
A History of Wild Places


  1. Read more of what I own.
  2. DNF without shame.
  3. Unhaul the books I know I’m NEVER going to read.

That’s the end, consider yourself tagged!

Thanks for joining me today, albeit a little behind schedule. I hope you all had fun reading my answers for this tag and please feel free to tag me in yours so I can read your answers too!

I hope you all have a thrilling Thursday,
Until next blog,

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14 thoughts on “3 Bookish Things Book Tag.

  1. Nikolai Lantsov is far too easy to love for his own good, haha. I’m so excited and scared to see who will play him in the TV adaptation. I definitely think negative reviews are just as important. I never get the hate for them. That cover for All Our Hidden Gifts is stunning!! I hope you feel better soon! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nikolai is perfect and nobody can change my mind. I will forever love Him! I’m really excited, whoever they cast has been obviously approved by Leigh so I trust her judgement. I secretly hope it’s Sam Claflin but I know that’s wishful thinking. Negative reviews are so important but i definitely think people need to be mindful about their negative reviews! And isn’t it?! It was a cover buy and I’m hoping it’s fantastic. And thank you! I’m taking loads of meds to kick it before it gets worse so here’s to hoping!

      Liked by 1 person

      • He is amazing!! True, Leigh’s hands are the safest ones so I need to have more faith! Sam Claflin would actually really suit!!
        True, respective wording can be key in negative reviews. But sharing thoughts, any thoughts, are great for the community and sometimes hearing what didn’t work for someone might work for me so they can even make me pick up books weirdly.
        I hope you enjoy it!
        Hopefully the meds will work for you 🥰

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      • I trust Leigh’s judgement! She hasn’t steered us wrong yet! Sam Claflin would be the perfect Nikolai, his very essence screams Lantsov!
        Honestly I agree with you there, somebody’s bad review of a book can make me pick it up and I could end up loving it. I just meant like people don’t have to trash the author — at the end of the day that’s still something they’re proud of.
        Thanks so much lovely! I’m hoping we’ll all be on the mend soon!

        Liked by 1 person

      • He does, I so see it now 😍
        Definitely!! Yeah being cruel to the author isn’t fair and I don’t like it when people are like why would anyone like this, it feels like shaming people.


      • He does, I so see it now 😍
        Definitely! Yeah being cruel to the author isn’t fair and I don’t like it when people are like why would anyone like this, it feels like shaming people.


  2. Very true about men and erotica. I find a lot of erotica written by men to be very uncomfortable and too harsh for my taste but each to their own. Women just really know how to do it.

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